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Un détour par le Grand Palais

C’est au cœur de Paris, en bordure des Champs-Élysées, que le Grand Palais accueille ses visiteurs depuis l’Exposition Universelle de 1900. Chef-d’œuvre architectural, le bâtiment surprend par l’utilisation de l’acier et du verre, des matériaux innovants et modernes pour l’époque. Au fil du temps, le Grand Palais a présenté des salons, des spectacles de cirque,… Read more »

From the thinker to “Les Bourgeois de Calais”

Born in 1840 Auguste Rodin represents one of the most famous French carvers and often he is considered as the pioneer of the modern carving. He has brought with success the realism of his works with a touch of romance and of impressionism, playing with the light, shining the shapes. Auguste Rodin was really productive… Read more »

A submersion onto humanity story

From the start of explorations for the “New World” or South Pacific Islands, mariners brought many “souvenirs” from their trip. Europeans are passionate for this far away civilisations and the wealthier get their own cabinet of curiosities. That was how a first temporary ethnographic Museum gathering many private collections opened its doors in Paris in… Read more »