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Ongoing to discover the contemporary art

In 1937 the City of Paris organised the World Exhibition of “Arts et Techniques appliqués à la vie moderne» («Exhibition of Arts and Techniques applied on modern life»). For this occasion, several detached houses were built both to welcome visitors and promote the French savoir-faire. Even though the majority of these houses were ephemeral others were aimed to be permanents. That’s especially the case of the Tokyo… Read more »

Une journée shopping sur les Champs-Élysées

Un premier magasin Abercrombie & Fitch ouvre ses portes en 1892 dans le quartier new-yorkais de Manhattan. À cette époque, l’enseigne était spécialisée dans les vêtements et accessoires de randonnée, les fusils de chasse et le matériel de pêche ou de camping. De nos jours, Abercrombie & Fitch est devenu le nom d’une chaîne de… Read more »

A submersion onto humanity story

From the start of explorations for the “New World” or South Pacific Islands, mariners brought many “souvenirs” from their trip. Europeans are passionate for this far away civilisations and the wealthier get their own cabinet of curiosities. That was how a first temporary ethnographic Museum gathering many private collections opened its doors in Paris in… Read more »