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Let us tell you some stories

There are countless stories to tell with the chef Mathieu Pacaud through his dishes prepared and presented with passion. That’s in a delicate and chic setting were intimate alcoves invite you to take place round a table to share unique moments and to savour recipes arising out of French gastronomy traditions, as well as customised… Read more »

When Gauguin invites itself at the Grand Palais

Built to become the architectural showcase of French savoir-faire during the international exposition of Paris in 1900, the Grand Palais has become a symbol of the capital city cultural life. It has been completely renovated during the years 2000 and regularly hosted temporary exhibitions. That’s currently how Gauguin the painter has been given the spotlight…. Read more »

Une maison de haute couture vous ouvre ses portes

Passionné dès son plus jeune âge par la haute couture, Yves Saint-Laurent fonde sa propre maison en 1961. L’année suivante, la première collection Yves Saint-Laurent concrétise un succès qui ne va jamais s’éteindre. Il propose à la femme une nouvelle garde-robe souvent inspirée des vêtements masculins, du smoking à la saharienne en passant par le… Read more »