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A tryst with the story of the gastronomy

Lucas Carton restaurant settled in a 19th century building is established at Place de la Madelaine and relates the story of the French gastronomy. Great chefs have kept coming to prepare as a means to give regular customer a delightful cuisine. Nowadays the chef Julien Dumas took up the torch of this true Parisian institution…. Read more »

Sur les toits de Paris

De passage à Paris, vous cherchez un restaurant emblématique pour partager des moments privilégiés avec vos proches? Nous vous invitons à poser vos valises dans une chambre ou une suite Helzear, un hôtel proche du 39V et de partir à la découverte d’une carte combinant avec bonheur la grande tradition culinaire française et une touche… Read more »

A submersion onto humanity story

From the start of explorations for the “New World” or South Pacific Islands, mariners brought many “souvenirs” from their trip. Europeans are passionate for this far away civilisations and the wealthier get their own cabinet of curiosities. That was how a first temporary ethnographic Museum gathering many private collections opened its doors in Paris in… Read more »