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Let us tell you some stories

There are countless stories to tell with the chef Mathieu Pacaud through his dishes prepared and presented with passion. That’s in a delicate and chic setting were intimate alcoves invite you to take place round a table to share unique moments and to savour recipes arising out of French gastronomy traditions, as well as customised… Read more »

Un dîner au Jules Verne, une expérience unique

Et si ce soir vous savouriez un délicieux dîner tout en contemplant les lumières de Paris qui illuminent la capitale couchée à vos pieds? Pour votre prochaine escapade à Paris, nous vous suggérons de réserver une table au restaurant panoramique Jules Verne perché à 125 mètres d’altitude, en haut de la Tour Eiffel. La découverte… Read more »

When everything means luxury and fineness

So youngly Guccio Gucci developed competences within the fashion field and came nearer the luxury world working into palaces.  In 1921 Gucci’s brand was founded and a first shop opened in Florence offered saddlery products, luggage and riding accessories. This first shop was followed by many others and the brand branched out quickly.