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A la découverte de l’art contemporain

En 1937, la Ville de Paris organise l’Exposition internationale des « Arts et Techniques appliqués à la Vie moderne ». A cette occasion, plusieurs pavillons sont construits afin d’accueillir les visiteurs et de promouvoir le savoir-faire français. Si la majorité de ces bâtiments sont éphémères, d’autres sont destinés à être permanents. C’est le cas notamment du monumental… Read more »

Let us tell you some stories

There are countless stories to tell with the chef Mathieu Pacaud through his dishes prepared and presented with passion. That’s in a delicate and chic setting were intimate alcoves invite you to take place round a table to share unique moments and to savour recipes arising out of French gastronomy traditions, as well as customised… Read more »

An evening at Broadway

It was in 1957 that the signed Léonard Bernstein West Side Story musical show has been played for the first time in a Broadway’s theatre. The play which takes Romeo and Juillette’s subject over transposed in a popular district of Manhattan remains displayed at almost 1000 shows before to be deported in Europe, success has… Read more »