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At the bottom of the Eiffel Tower

In 1899 Paris city has organised a World’s fair, a true showcase of the French expertise. It represented an opportunity for Gustave Eiffel to imagine and devise the famous tower which became a symbol for the capital. At the end of the 19th century the Eiffel Tower is an architectural and technological achievement and the… Read more »

Let us tell you some stories

There are countless stories to tell with the chef Mathieu Pacaud through his dishes prepared and presented with passion. That’s in a delicate and chic setting were intimate alcoves invite you to take place round a table to share unique moments and to savour recipes arising out of French gastronomy traditions, as well as customised… Read more »

Haute couture, parfumerie et mode, le luxe Chanel

La marque Chanel est devenue le symbole de l’élégance, du raffinement et du luxe imaginés pour vous par sa fondatrice, Gabrielle Chesnel, une grande couturière mieux connue sous son surnom, Coco Chanel. Et pourtant rien ne prédestinait cette fille de forains des Cévennes née en dehors des liens du mariage à devenir la fondatrice de… Read more »