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Quand tout n’est que luxe et raffinement

Très jeune, Guccio Gucci développe des aptitudes dans le domaine de la mode et se frotte au monde du luxe en travaillant dans des palaces. En 1921, la marque Gucci est fondée et une première boutique ouverte à Florence propose des articles de maroquinerie, des bagages ainsi que des accessoires d’équitation. Ce premier magasin est… Read more »

Let us tell you some stories

There are countless stories to tell with the chef Mathieu Pacaud through his dishes prepared and presented with passion. That’s in a delicate and chic setting were intimate alcoves invite you to take place round a table to share unique moments and to savour recipes arising out of French gastronomy traditions, as well as customised… Read more »

An evening at Broadway

It was in 1957 that the signed Léonard Bernstein West Side Story musical show has been played for the first time in a Broadway’s theatre. The play which takes Romeo and Juillette’s subject over transposed in a popular district of Manhattan remains displayed at almost 1000 shows before to be deported in Europe, success has… Read more »