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Arrays discovery of the Louvre

In France and even in the world the Louvre is known to be one of the largest museum housing priceless collections which redraw the story of art and antiquity of the 19th century. More than just a museum the Louvre is also an historic monument enable visitors to turn the clock back to appreciate the… Read more »

Haute couture, parfumerie et mode, le luxe Chanel

La marque Chanel est devenue le symbole de l’élégance, du raffinement et du luxe imaginés pour vous par sa fondatrice, Gabrielle Chesnel, une grande couturière mieux connue sous son surnom, Coco Chanel. Et pourtant rien ne prédestinait cette fille de forains des Cévennes née en dehors des liens du mariage à devenir la fondatrice de… Read more »

A submersion onto humanity story

From the start of explorations for the “New World” or South Pacific Islands, mariners brought many “souvenirs” from their trip. Europeans are passionate for this far away civilisations and the wealthier get their own cabinet of curiosities. That was how a first temporary ethnographic Museum gathering many private collections opened its doors in Paris in… Read more »