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Une fondation consacrée à l’art contemporain

En 1984, le collectionneur et homme d’affaires Alain-Dominique Perrin crée la Fondation Cartier consacrée à l’art contemporain. Une décennie plus tard, la fondation est transférée de Jouy-en-Josas, dans les Yvelines, au boulevard Raspail, dans le centre de Paris. L’objectif de cette fondation est de soutenir la création artistique contemporaine en éditant des livres et en… Read more »

A tryst with the story of the gastronomy

Lucas Carton restaurant settled in a 19th century building is established at Place de la Madelaine and relates the story of the French gastronomy. Great chefs have kept coming to prepare as a means to give regular customer a delightful cuisine. Nowadays the chef Julien Dumas took up the torch of this true Parisian institution…. Read more »

When gastronomy becomes an art

Through a refined setting bordering on the fastidiousness of the Restaurant Pages the young chef called Ryuji Teshima of Japanese origin welcomes and can offer you a gastronomic menu as an echo of his knowledge-course. All the dishes have been made to give customers emotion, them who can attend to cuisine preparations thanks to the… Read more »