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When everything means luxury and fineness

So youngly Guccio Gucci developed competences within the fashion field and came nearer the luxury world working into palaces.  In 1921 Gucci’s brand was founded and a first shop opened in Florence offered saddlery products, luggage and riding accessories. This first shop was followed by many others and the brand branched out quickly.

Une balade au Trocadéro

Durant votre séjour à Paris, n’oubliez pas de découvrir les jardins du Trocadéro et le Palais de Chaillot construits et aménagés sur l’emplacement de l’ancien Palais du Trocadéro pour accueillir l’exposition internationale de 1937. Les promeneurs apprécient le charme et la convivialité de ces jardins qui offrent 1001 possibilités, en toutes saisons. Une baignade rafraîchissante… Read more »

On the rooftops of Paris

Passing through Paris you may seek a typical restaurant to share precious moments with your close relations? We advise you to put your luggage up in a Helzear suite or room, a hotel near to 39V, then to go discover a menu that incorporate with pleasure as the great French culinary tradition as a modernity… Read more »