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Une plongée dans le monde arabe

 Le président français Valéry Giscard d’Estaing est à l’origine du projet de construction de l’Institut du Monde Arabe au cœur de Paris. Il souhaite ainsi détendre les relations entre la France et les pays arabes en rapprochant les deux cultures. Le bâtiment est inauguré en 1987, sous la présidence de François Mitterrand. L’Institut accueille des… Read more »

When gastronomy becomes an art

Through a refined setting bordering on the fastidiousness of the Restaurant Pages the young chef called Ryuji Teshima of Japanese origin welcomes and can offer you a gastronomic menu as an echo of his knowledge-course. All the dishes have been made to give customers emotion, them who can attend to cuisine preparations thanks to the… Read more »

The Italian fashion industry takes its place on the Champs-élysées

Founded at the dawn of the 20th century Prada’s brand represents the Italian elegancy and fashion appeal. At the outset the brothers Prada opened a leather shop in Milan with the aim to propose saddlery products then a downtown until 1970 was necessary for Prada to become a reference in the fashion world. After all… Read more »