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Lets discover the modern art

  Among the many museums set up in the capital city, the Modern Art Museum in Paris stand out by permanency arrays’ quality telling the story of the European art, beginning to the Fauvism until now and with temporary exhibitions. The museum set up in a wing within the Tokyo Palace, a monument built in… Read more »

Quand la gastronomie devient un arte

C’est dans le cadre épuré proche du minimalisme du restaurant Pages que le jeune chef d’origine japonaise Ryuji Teshima vous accueille et vous propose un menu gastronomique, reflet de son parcours. Chaque assiette a été conçue pour apporter de l’émotion aux convives qui peuvent assister à la préparation des plats grâce à la cuisine ouverte… Read more »

When everything means luxury and fineness

So youngly Guccio Gucci developed competences within the fashion field and came nearer the luxury world working into palaces.  In 1921 Gucci’s brand was founded and a first shop opened in Florence offered saddlery products, luggage and riding accessories. This first shop was followed by many others and the brand branched out quickly.