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From railway station to museum

The Musée d’Orsay settled in the old rail station of the Orsay since 1986, which is located near to various ministries and administrative buildings of the City of Paris. At the starting point the station has been built for visitors and stranger commission to be driven at the heart of the capital city, going to… Read more »

From the thinker to “Les Bourgeois de Calais”

Born in 1840 Auguste Rodin represents one of the most famous French carvers and often he is considered as the pioneer of the modern carving. He has brought with success the realism of his works with a touch of romance and of impressionism, playing with the light, shining the shapes. Auguste Rodin was really productive… Read more »

Quand tout n’est que luxe et raffinement

Très jeune, Guccio Gucci développe des aptitudes dans le domaine de la mode et se frotte au monde du luxe en travaillant dans des palaces. En 1921, la marque Gucci est fondée et une première boutique ouverte à Florence propose des articles de maroquinerie, des bagages ainsi que des accessoires d’équitation. Ce premier magasin est… Read more »